CONTEXT / According to the National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences every day around 39 kids are victims of sexual abuse in Colombia. Being the primary scene, the child’s home in 40% of the cases. Most of the cases aren’t known because the kids get scared, feel ashamed, or the abuser has threaten them. 

FINDING / With technology now almost 80% of communications are held online of via chats. These chats have graphic tools which help to communicate feelings even better. Bitmojis are very popular as each character represents physically the person who created them. From eye color, to hair and even wardrobe, they have a great amount of face expressions and situations. Allowing the Bitmojis to interact with the other person’s Bitmoji. 

IDEA / For younger generations expressing themselves through emojis is easier as they feel more open to communication. For a kid who is being abused this combination could be very difficult to have and to approach. For this reason we created “My Bitmoji Story”. A new collection of different abuse situations that will allows kids to communicate to a professional psychologist what they are going through. Having this as another tool psychologists could use to have a clearer understanding of the situation the kid is going through, and for kids to feel comfortable as they fase a horrible situation.